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Hard Rubbish Removal Service – Singh Movers and Packers

With over 12 years of proven track record, SINGH MOVERS provides the best quality Hard Rubbish Removal service. SINGH MOVERS has a dedicated team of professionals fully equipped with all the model tools and knowledge required to execute this service. There are many Junk or rubbish removal service providers Removalists available in Australian cities and popular suburbs but not everyone can understand the customer’s requirements well enough.

The client who wants to avail of these services, check each and every service to detail. They prefer a one-stop-shop which also saves their precious time and hence SINGH MOVERS is a perfect choice for these types of clients as we provide integrated services including almost every facility including even storage facility for a couple of days. This ensures a high level of customer satisfaction. While moving to Melbourne city, many are still unaware of SINGH MOVERS as a Hard Rubbish Removal service provider.

Whether you are moving your loving home or your office space, we have the right people with the right tools at the right places to help you deliver a high-quality service, which we have been doing for more than 12 years now. SINGH MOVERS don’t compromise on safety, so you can rest assured that whether moving locally from the streets or from any corner of the city, our team of trained professionals will always choose safe Rubbish Removal procedures.

SINGH MOVERS value their clients high and offer them a plethora of services in the form of specialized packages that are low on budget and more specific to each individual’s requirements.













When it comes to choosing the best professionals for Hard Rubbish Removal, SINGH MOVERS stands apart distinctly from its competitors. With so much experience behind our back, we take pride in saying that we are the best service provider when it comes to Junk or Rubbish Removal and we have an outstanding on-time performance in your localities.

We understand that you might be having a few queries in your mind and for that allow us to help you with that. We have a dedicated customer care execution team to look after all your concerns. We do all the required planning, organizing, and then execute the same in a systematic manner just to make sure it becomes a smooth experience for you and your family.





At SINGH MOVERS, Safety is a Way of Life! We not just provide shifting but also have all the safety procedures in place. Our customers are our family, so we execute our work as if it’s for our own homes. We use professional tools which include trolleys, dollies, heavy-duty blankets, a toolkit for assembling, and disassembling furniture, ropes, shrink wraps, etc. For shifting various types of upright pianos and other heavy but delicate items, SINGH MOVERS also have professional sturdy trolleys and ramps.



What you see is what you pay, that’s it! SINGH MOVERS are not one of those next-door companies who would provide you with a budgeted quote at the beginning just to impress you and then ask for other charges after that. Our success lies in the satisfaction of our clients and hence we show all the charges before-hand to the clients so that things are transparent and there are no surprises afterward.


  • 24*7 SUPPORT:

We are just a dial away from you, anytime and from anywhere. SINGH MOVERS have put in place an efficient customer care execution team at the backend to answer all your queries and concerns. We listen to you and place ourselves at your disposal all the time. You can mail us or call us as we are available round n the clock and because we are happy to help.




SINGH MOVERS dedicated and round the clock working professionals in Melbourne are here to make Hard Rubbish Removal a stress free process for you. We will take care of all your needs with regards to Hard Rubbish Removals and you just hire us and leave the task up to them. Our service includes the following:


 Local moving




 Vehicle transportation

 Additional services

We have a team of professionally oriented and trained individuals to ensure your Junk Removal service is as smooth as possible. We take all the safety and precautionary steps in place. After you call us, we shall assume all responsibilities and you can just sit back and relax. Our execution team visits your place as per your convenience and conducts a thorough check on all the Rubbish Removal items. After checking, our executive analyzes and notes down each and every item in order to keep a record of it. This also helps in evaluating the tie required in packaging, the amount of packaging material required, etc. Also, we have a great knowledge of this service, but it’s entirely up to you how you need this process to be done. This is a professional service that requires a specific set of skills and SINGH MOVERS are here in Melbourne to help you with that.




budget freindly  We make your furniture work easy with pocket-friendly prices:

SINGH MOVERS is the first choice of Melbourne residents thanks to its high-quality service that comes at an affordable price. Our carefully customized packages reiterate our company’s motive to provide a trustable and dependable service at a value for money pricing which is suitable to all.

fast service Timely and quick delivery:

Time is Money and no one understands this better than SINGH MOVERS. We are punctual and our processes are streamlined to ensure on-time delivery, one after another. After all, we don’t like to disappoint you.

secure movers Trusted and safe delivery providers:

We believe that Trust is everything in Life. So at SINGH MOVERS, you can blindly trust us on all the safety parameters. We plan the process and carefully pack and unpack the items using all the professional tools and keeping all the safety practices in place, just to ensure safe delivery to our clients.

quality service We offer the quality HARD RUBBISH REMOVAL service:

SINGH MOVERS offers a variety of services under one umbrella. Apart from our Cheap and best Hard Rubbish Removal service, we also offer other facilities like office moving, moving interstate whether an office or a house, storage facilities, etc.


SINGH MOVERS is a company of movers and packers Melbourne on whom you can surely rely upon for all types of removals services. You need not worry about your shifting process anymore as SINGH MOVERS are fully insured removals in Melbourne and its suburb areas. Our trained professional team anticipates problems and eliminates it and in the unlikely event that some materials are damaged in transit, we pay up to $100,000. And if our operations cause any harm to the public, we also pay for the public liability around $10,000,000.


Last but not least, SINGH MOVERS also offers clients another unmatched high-quality service- STORAGE FACILITY. If you are running lack of space or wish not to shift all of your goods at one go, please feel free to use our large vacant storage facilities which are 100% safe and secured via 24*7 CCTV SURVEILLANCE.

Take worries off your mind by simply contacting SINGH MOVERS and chose to spend some quality time with your loved ones and let us do the rest for you.


Choose us to take care of your move.


SINGH MOVERS Hard Rubbish Removal service is the top reputed service provider in Melbourne with a backing of over 10 successful years. We are ready to assist you in the Junk or Hard Rubbish Removal service. What’s more? We can even help you in storing your essentials by using our CCTV monitored storage facilities. Avail of all this and much more at affordable run-away prices.

Make most of your life in Melbourne, a city known for its high quality of life. Take a step back and relax, while all your Hard Rubbish Removal service is looked after by SINGH MOVERS. Try our specially customized packages that not only fit into your specific requirements but can also fit tight into budgets. You are now just a call away from a smart decision. SINGH MOVER’s Customer Care Execution team is waiting to hear from you. What are you waiting for?

At Singh Packers, we have been the most trusted hard rubbish removal service and removalists who work and have their entire service spread all across Australia with millions of positive reviews by people who have actually gone for this service. We are the best service which you can find and we have a 24 x 7 service all the time. Along with that, we are the best waste removalists too which means that you can easily count on us.


Hard rubbish removal– Singh Movers and Packers (Features):


  • Zero cases of delayed deliveries.

Singh Movers and packers have had a history of delivering all your stuff at the proper time and have been always such a service which values time more than money as every minute of our service matters and thus we always make sure that our service is so fertile that it always comes to you in time and also, we can remove any kind of waste without any issues or any kind of delays.


  • Zero charges for any kind of depot to depot services.

Our service always makes sure that you don’t have to pay anything extra any time and if any kind of waste removals are included, we are never going to charge you for it just because we curtail most of the extra charges in our service, and that even excludes your charges from any kind of depot to depot charges of any Hard Rubbish Removal which we always put as a charge of our service, which means you save money on the depot to depot charges also.


  • No Extra fuel charges.

If you want a proper service for hard rubbish removal, then you need to check out our service as it based on professional working and we always make sure that you never face any kind of extra charges and all you need to pay for is the removals. This means that we even exclude the fuel charges in our service and this kind of satisfaction, we guarantee for you because we believe in positive customer satisfaction.


  • Full-time house removalists.

We are a full-time house removals service along with being the hard rubbish removal with full delivery trucks for you and we make sure that all stuff is relocated or disposed of properly. Any heavy item which you want to relocate, we can do that for you as a part of our service. Even if you are looking for a piano removals service, we are bound to provide you that too as we are an efficient service for even relocating the heavy stuff from time to time and this means that if you are moving any heavy thing, we got it covered and everything is totally and fully packed by us. Along with that, any kind of waste which you have to remove, we can be the hard waste removal service for you.


  • Full Customer Satisfaction in any kind of service.

Singh movers and packers is a proper house removalists service, but do you know that we can even be a full-time hard waste removal service too and we are such a service which takes care of its customers more than anything. Any kind of demand which you have from us, we fulfill it and we deliver proper satisfaction to customers every time and in any kind of service too which we offer. This means that if you have any kind of particular demand from us, we are going to complete that for you and this makes you the happiest customer ever from our service which we service.


  • An affordable service.

Singh movers all along are the best in every term and any kind of service and we are a proper hard rubbish removal service as we are adamant on providing relocation for all types of moving services which you want and that even includes the Hard Rubbish Removal which most of the people are looking for. Being good at waste removals also has been the main reason why most of the customers in our service has mentioned and reviewed us the best and most affordable all the time and we can easily match any of the services which you can find as we always want you to save money on our service.


  • Really experienced staff

Our staff is the most professional staff which has been working for about a decade now and such kind of service which has the most professional service all the time which even includes the Hard Rubbish Removal, and we are such a service which you are going to love and you are always going to get full cooperation from us, both on-road as well as off-road.


  • Always in service

Our service is the best when it is compared with other services as we always believe in working together all the time and we also provide you a 24 x 7 service, which means that whenever you are in need of our service, we are there for you and provide you relocation of every kind which you are looking for and you can easily reach out to use. We will guarantee you peace of mind, all the time.


  • Very proper transport for any kind of rubbish removal.

Our transportation in every matter and aspect is the best and we make sure that you get the best from us as we always secure everything in your stuff. Most of the time, people demand proper trucks for hard waste removal which most of the services are barely able to offer, but in our service, it is offered for free.


  • Professional Tools used for relocation.

We always use professional tools for relocation, the best which you can desire for. So, be at ease as we provide you with the best tools for hard waste removal always.




There are many reasons why you should choose Singh Movers for your rubbish removal needs. These reasons include:

  •  We have years of experience assisting with rubbish removal in Melbourne, Sydney, and other Major cities for residential and commercial clients.

  • We offer reliable and efficient rubbish removal services that don’t compromise on quality or workmanship.

  • We offer a wide range of cheap rubbish removal solutions, including hard rubbish removal and skip bin hire.

  • We can also assist with a range of additional services, including excavation, demolition, asbestos removal, and site cleanups.

If you want to discuss your options or book our services, give us a call on 13000SINGH or 1300074644. Our team is happy to help you come up with a plan for rubbish removal in Australian cities like  Melbourne & Sydney that’s tailored to your needs.


Cheap rubbish Cheap Rubbish Removal.

When it comes to Cheap Rubbish Removal Australia's cities landlord and business owners all too often try the ‘do it yourself access—only to end up exhausted, injured, or with damaged property. Don't’ catch the risk; for decent waste removal, Australia should always turn to the pros.

Not persuaded? Consider the four benefits of competent rubbish disposal discussed below:

  • Convenience. When planning an expedition to the best rubbish dump Melbourne & Sydney citizens often miscalculated the amount of work involved, assuming that removing their waste will be as simple as tossing a pile of rubbish onto the back of a truck and experiment to dump it in a depot.

In all actuality, moving a heap of garbage normally requires sorting out and getting out things (a moderate and arduous process for anybody not used to physical work), stacking them into a container or truck, at that point transporting them to the landfill—more often than not in a progression of excursions—and emptying them. Organizations can undoubtedly lose long periods of gainful, beneficial time when they endeavor this sort of employment without the help of a Singh Movers rubbish removal group.


Hiring our service Hiring a waste assemblage Melbourne team is both substantially and lawfully safer.

When intelligent about waste annihilation Australia residents frequently make one of two dangerous faults:

  • They either assume they’re strong enough to do the job themselves, or they believe they can entrust the task to a burly friend with a large vehicle. Neither of these things is usually true.

  • In spite of the fact that you might have the capacity to push or lift a huge thing and store it in a garbage heap, that doesn't mean you'll have the capacity to securely stack it onto a truck or van yourself—not to mention deal with a progression of substantial things in progression, with your muscles becoming logically more exhausted. It's very simple to lose control of an overwhelming item when you endeavor to lift it over your waistline, and in the event that it slips in reverse as you attempt to stack it, genuine damage may happen.

In like manner, with regards to garbage accumulation, Australia occupants at times realize who their genuine companions are the most difficult way possible; on the off chance that another person gets injured while performing junk get or squander reusing obligations for you, they may sue you for harms and lost salary.

Hard waste collection, like Christmas, comes only once per year—and for many Australian residents and business owners, this is simply not often enough. Who wants to wait for the hard rubbish removal Australia (Melbourne, Sydney, Canberra, Brisbane, Adelaide ) city services provides (while that unsightly old fridge or the pile of rubbish takes up space for months) when it’s possible to have rubbish taken away quickly and easily for a modest fee?

Before purchasing hard rubbish removal Australia residents are advised to spend some time researching what can and what cannot be labeled ‘hard rubbish.’ Don’t worry, however, if you have something that doesn’t qualify as hard rubbish—the primary advantage of working with Singh Movers Rubbish Removal (rather than relying on city services alone) is that we can help you to safely recycle or dump all of your rubbish, no matter what category it falls into. But for the sake of organization and clarity, let’s start with the basics of what constitutes hard rubbish:

  • Carpet and linoleum rolls. If you need carpet and linoleum removed from your home, why not pair our quick and convenient stripping service with our Australia cites hard rubbish collection service?

  • Porcelain, ceramic, and glass. These are challenging to remove safely, so you should never handle these items on your own—let us take care of it for you. If you need any advice or assistance when it comes to wrapping breakable materials, feel free to give us a call.

  • Fencing and timber. If you’re engaging in landscaping and have other organic green waste, why not ask about our green waste removal services as well?

  • Furniture, including mattresses. When it comes to mattress disposal Melbourne & Sydney homeowners often run into obstacles; not only is mattress removal not covered by city services in many areas, some mattress disposal Australia companies charge steep fees or place a limit on how many mattresses they will remove…. But not Singh Movers. Not only will our mattress removal Melbourne & Sydney team take away your old mattress (or mattresses) quickly and affordable, we offer more than just mattress collection Australia cites homeowners can count on. In addition to performing mattress pick up Melbourne-wide, Singh Movers are also experts on mattress recycling.

  • Spa removal, tub removal, and fridge removal. Recycling an old refrigerator is a complex process, one that involves degassing, decommissioning, and destructing these complex appliances safely. Never, under any circumstance, should a refrigerator simply be dumped in a landfill—call Singh Movers instead.

if you are looking for hard rubbish removal in Australian cities like Melbourne, Sydney, Canberra, Brisbane, Adelaide, and Perth, then Singh Movers is the right place to move your rubbish.


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